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Muzquizopteryx coahuilensis

Archaeopteryx lithographica


Buitreraptor gonzalezorum

Giraffatitan brancai


Future Humans

Protosphyraena perniciosa

Giraffatitan brancai at the Mudbaths





Forest Battleship

Brontosaurus is Back

Psittacosaurus neimongoliensis

Quetzalcoatlus sp.



Duicat di Urbino

Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii

Halszkaraptor escuilliei


Olorotitan arharensis

Shantungosaurus giganteus

Cloud Gods

The Madonna with the Long Neck

Spare Parts


Theatre of the Mind

Mountains I

Mountains II

Arrangement in Blue and Allosaurus

Arrangement in Gold and Dryosaurus

Arrangement in Orange and Diplodocus


Of One Mind

Of the Bunch

Going Home


Skywhale I

The Godhead

Battle Jesus

Skywhale II


Saint Dragon and The George

Diplodocus Portrait

Omeisaurus Herd

Allen and Campbell

Dicreaosaurus hansemanni

The Mouth


Vulpes persona

Portrait de Monsieur Chatadipeux

So Doge



Le Influenceur

Quetzalcoatlus northropi

Brachiosaurus altithorax

Abelisaurus Portrait

Camarasaurus Portrait

Caviramus Portrait


Quetzalcoatlus lawsoni

Brontomerus Body


Mysterious Shantungosaurus

Battle of the River Wangshi

My Fish

Close-up illustration of a sauropod dinosaur's head, specifically a Mamenchisaurus. The dinosaur's skin is textured with brown and tan hues, detailed with realistic scales and subtle speckles. Its eye is clear and expressive, conveying a sense of gentle curiosity. The background is a soft, blurred green, suggesting a natural, prehistoric environment. The artwork is highly detailed, emphasizing the creature's gentle features and peaceful demeanor.

Mamenchisaurus Portrait

A surreal and imaginative illustration that features a figure with three heads. The central head is human, with a contemplative expression, while the two side heads are dinosaur-like, extending out from the palms of the figure's hands. The figure's body is seated in a meditative pose and appears to be floating above a cloudy sky, which blends into a tranquil blue backdrop. The style is reminiscent of Renaissance paintings with a touch of fantastical whimsy.


A striking and evocative image showing a figure in a state of freefall against a backdrop of billowing white clouds and a dark blue sky. The figure is silhouetted and appears almost featureless, with a flowing mane of bright, fiery orange hair that stands in stark contrast to its shadowy form. The figure's limbs are splayed out in a dramatic display, with the hands and fingers elongated, accentuating the feeling of motion and descent. The overall composition evokes a sense of dynamic movement and the interplay between light and dark, with the clouds below reflecting the sky's gradient from a soft teal to a deep navy.

Falling Centaur


Black Cherry

The Congolesian