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Have you ever wanted to feel socially and morally superior to your fellow humans, no matter how badly you behave? Do you want them to feel both shame and awe in your presence? Would you like to oh-so-subtly remind people of just how much more sophisticated and intelligent you are? Well, do I have the solution for you! Become a patron of the arts:

Being a patron means you pledge a certain amount per artwork I produce — meaning I have the money to justify to my wife spending my time doing all this art and dinosaur stuff, and you keep getting art. Naggerbot also stops nagging you.

You can choose your level, and set limits so you don't overspend. You also get stuff:

✓ The smug self-satisfaction of a Pope*,

✓ Access to print files of my artwork,

✓ Access to exclusive paintings,

and more.

You can patronise me through Patreon.com, where you can choose your plan, and set limits.

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*At Pope Level, other levels may have differing levels of smugness