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Automatic Albatross

Miss Cicely Alexander

The Longbodys


Little Autumn

Crashed Zeppelins

Morning's Ladder

The Tinkerer

Felt Mountain 01: Lovely Head


In Love, and War

Felt Mountain 02: Paper Bag

Felt Mountain 03: Human

Felt Mountain 04: Pilots

Felt Mountain 05: Deer Stop

Felt Mountain 06: Felt Mountain

Felt Mountain 07: Oompa Radar

Felt Mountain 08: Utopia


Felt Mountain 09: Horse Tears


Red Right Hand

Ceratosaurus and the City


Regina Tyrannus


Forest Battleship






Cloud Gods

Theatre of the Mind

Of One Mind

Of the Bunch

Erica Skew

Going Home


Skywhale I

The Godhead

Skywhale II


Allen and Campbell




The Woman with the Blue Face

A surreal and imaginative illustration that features a figure with three heads. The central head is human, with a contemplative expression, while the two side heads are dinosaur-like, extending out from the palms of the figure's hands. The figure's body is seated in a meditative pose and appears to be floating above a cloudy sky, which blends into a tranquil blue backdrop. The style is reminiscent of Renaissance paintings with a touch of fantastical whimsy.


A striking and evocative image showing a figure in a state of freefall against a backdrop of billowing white clouds and a dark blue sky. The figure is silhouetted and appears almost featureless, with a flowing mane of bright, fiery orange hair that stands in stark contrast to its shadowy form. The figure's limbs are splayed out in a dramatic display, with the hands and fingers elongated, accentuating the feeling of motion and descent. The overall composition evokes a sense of dynamic movement and the interplay between light and dark, with the clouds below reflecting the sky's gradient from a soft teal to a deep navy.

Falling Centaur

Forest of Uncles

An ocean liner heads into a big wave. There are two men paddling the ship, making it appear as if the ship is very small, or they are giants.

The Wave