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Retro Diplodocus

Apatosaurus louisae

Giraffatitan brancai

Sauropod Herds

Modern Brachiosaurus: Bachelor Pad Special

Giraffatitan brancai at the Mudbaths

Brontosaurus is Back

Cetiosaurus oxoniensis

Barosaurus, Diplodocus, and Dryosaurus

Rapetosaurus krausei

Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii

Cloud Gods

The Madonna with the Long Neck

Arrangement in Orange and Diplodocus

Diplodocus carnegii

Galeamopus and Ornitholestes



Crossing the Flats

Bloody Battling Brontosaurs



Bracken Brachies

Baby Brachiosaurs


Munching Malawisaurs

Omeisaurus Herd

Dicreaosaurus hansemanni





Mount Stratosphericus

Brachiosaurus altithorax

Uncomposition: Supersaurus

Uncomposition: The River

Camarasaurus Portrait

Brontomerus Body


Kaatedocus Portrait

Close-up illustration of a sauropod dinosaur's head, specifically a Mamenchisaurus. The dinosaur's skin is textured with brown and tan hues, detailed with realistic scales and subtle speckles. Its eye is clear and expressive, conveying a sense of gentle curiosity. The background is a soft, blurred green, suggesting a natural, prehistoric environment. The artwork is highly detailed, emphasizing the creature's gentle features and peaceful demeanor.

Mamenchisaurus Portrait

A surreal and imaginative illustration that features a figure with three heads. The central head is human, with a contemplative expression, while the two side heads are dinosaur-like, extending out from the palms of the figure's hands. The figure's body is seated in a meditative pose and appears to be floating above a cloudy sky, which blends into a tranquil blue backdrop. The style is reminiscent of Renaissance paintings with a touch of fantastical whimsy.


The Congolesian