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Pterodactylus kochi

Pterodactylus Log Landing

Siderops kehli

Stegosaurus stenops

Apatosaurus louisae

Gorgosaurus Portrait

Archaeopteryx lithographica

Lambeosaurus lambei

Hypsilophodon foxii

Styracosaurus albertensis

Rhamphorhynchus muensteri

Life-sized Pterodactylus

Germanodactylus cristatus

Ikrandraco avatar

The Promised Land

Dilophosaurus wetherilli

Probrachylophosaurus bergei

Cetiosaurus oxoniensis

Barosaurus, Diplodocus, and Dryosaurus

Camptosaurus dispar

The Madonna with the Long Neck

Arrangement in Blue and Allosaurus

Arrangement in Gold and Dryosaurus

Arrangement in Orange and Diplodocus

Galeamopus and Ornitholestes


Mountain Lufengosaurs

Prosauropeople Pods


Bloody Battling Brontosaurs

Bracken Brachies

Baby Brachiosaurs

Diplodocus Portrait

Dicreaosaurus hansemanni




Megalosaurus bucklandii


Uncomposition: Supersaurus

Uncomposition: The River

A monochromatic image displaying an abstract, dark green scene with two humanoid forms that seem to merge into one another. Their bodies are elongated and distorted with a smooth texture, and they have exaggerated limbs with pointed, claw-like fingers. The figures are intertwined in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins, creating an eerie, unified silhouette. The background is a deeper shade of green that fades into black, enhancing the mysterious and surreal quality of the artwork.